How to create a new Parse App


In this section you learn how to create a new Parse app at Back4Aapp and be ready to explore all of our features.

Create new Parse app

  1. Go to the Back4App website.

  2. Fill the form and click on Sign up for Back4App.

    Sign up page

  3. Inside your Back4App dashboard, click on Build new Parse app.

    Building new app page

  4. Fill out the details about your new app and click Create.

    Create New App

    If you choose to set the API as Open Source, its AppID, REST Key and classes will stay public, which means that anyone can access theses keys and use it. If you don’t want to share them (or don’t know what to do), leave this box unchecked.

  5. A congratulations page displays with all our features available.

    New app created

Find your Application ID and your Client Key

  1. Go to Core Settings block and click on Server.

    Back4app features page

  2. You can see all the details about your Parse App, including your App ID, Client Key, Master Key and others.

    Your parse app details

Next Steps

Check out the following guides and learn how to connect your frontend to your parse app.

Android Quickstart tutorial

iOS Quickstart tutorial

Javascript Quickstart tutorial

Advanced Cloud Code tutorials.

For other Platforms check Parse open source hub.